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Toxic Land - Puzzle Platfromer - 01/07/2017

Work on 'Toxic Land' has started. Toxic Land is a platform game that is story driven and includes puzzles. The grafics are handpainted pixel art. I will post some of the pixel art used in the game soon.

Work on TX paused - 25/06/2017

A short time after i started to create some grafics i did read the news. "Factor 5 is back in business!" and "are thinking of making a new Turrican". I will continue working on TX but on a slower speed then before. Most of my time for now will be spend on "Toxic Land". Read follow up news. I do not expect to finish TX before the end of this year. Sorry to all Turrican-Clone-Fans.

TX - New Game Project - 06/06/2017

The work on my newest game "TX" (work title) has just started. It will be a game like "Turrican" plus some additional tweaks. Currently i think about what i can add additionally to make it not just a clone. I was thinking that puzzels might be a good idea. Another idea is to break up the linear game play by implementing more then one way how to finish a single level. In the next days i will publish a short article about my motivation. For later i plan to do regular updates on the progress of the game. I will also integrate some feedback loop. I'm really intressted what you - the players - think about my new game.

Games List

TX - Preview

A Turrican style game with puzzles and alternative game play routes.

Go Up Goat

Help the crazy Goat to make there way up.

Slide Puzzle

A 3x3 slide puzzle with awesome images.